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> third october 2014

CD is out! can be heard or purchased - ;) - in digital retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Google, Shazam, and so on

get it on iTunes

or on Google music store

since my distribution service didn't allow me to attach the CD booklet, I'm posting it. You can download it here: Truly Yours CD booklet

> second october 2014

album has already been distributed to digital stores. it really should be a matter of minutes till it can be seen on iTunes and similar

please check out over to iTunes sometimes this day. it should be there from today.

> first october 2014

album is now in the distribution phase. now it is a matter of days and it will be available worldwide for you to hear!!

stay tuned for updates

> 29 september 2014, late night

Chris Graham delivered the entire mastered album with one day in anticipation. way to go, Chris!!

stay tuned for updates

> 29 september 2014

debut CD about to be released!

Finally CD is coming out. Really should just be a matter of days

in these hours the album is in the master phase in the hands of Chris Graham (Chris Graham Mastering Studio), in the beautiful Columbus, Ohio.

it'll then be passed to distribution.

will update the release date soon.

While we wait, please enjoy sounds and sights in this brand new web pages.


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Who am I?…..just a guitar player. Well, I guess a good one! at least this is what they say about me …and I am a good guy too…at least no one had to complain so far

Anyways, gosh I love playing music! It’s a huge sea that I like to bath into. And sometimes people like to follow me into it….and become addict as I, together with millions of musician, am. I really hope that you had a good time visiting this web site, but if you come to see me live you will have a better one.

Don’t stay too far though: I’m updating this little virtual home of mine very often. So, until next time, so long

Truly Yours!




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